elegant / luxurious / clean lines

From the very beginning Joeri Koolhoven was part of the renovation of this old thirties garage in Voorburg. This building was not yet suitable for living so it has been remodelled from top to bottom including, of course, a new kitchen. Joeri was given complete freedom to design a kitchen to complement this unique space. Joeri about his design: ‘’this kitchen had to be the absolute centrepiece of the space without being to dominantly present.’’

This has become a strong kitchen that feels natural and practical despite its sturdy shape and colour. Joeri: ‘’We’ve chosen to build the long closet partly ‘into’ the wall, this way it doesn’t feel like a solid block while still allowing optimal storage space.’’ The dark kitchen fronts are coloured with rust water and flat washed with black oil for a natural result.

Kitchen diner 
A unique feature is the fact that this kitchen has no baseboards. Continuing the fronts all the way to the floor creates clean lines that are easy on the eyes. Considering the space between kitchen counter and wall, the Neff ovens have retractable doors.

Large pantry 
We’ve created a large pantry in the kitchen wall. Behind dark doors you will find a warm pure oak interior and drawers with artisanal box joints.

Fronts and counter  
The kitchen fronts and counter both have the same angle of inclination, with a customized handle strip made from warm rolled steel in between. There are no visible grips in this kitchen, a detail that brings unity and tranquillity. The countertop is made from one seamless piece of antiquated granite.

Blum drawer conductors 
Behind a large oak front you will find the softclose inner drawers and cutlery drawer. This construction allows a seamless cabinet front. De drawers are installed with a smooth Blum drawer conductors and constructed with sturdy box joints.


Koolhoven table  
The owners have chosen a Koolhoven table to accompany this Koolhoven kitchen. The finishing touch to this kitchen diner is dining table John, size 300x100 in pure oak wood, just like the interior of the kitchen. Unique about John’s underframe are the open pin-and-hole connection that display the artisanal construction


elegant / luxurious / clean lines

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