A design for custom work in your home starts with a good conversation. It is important for Joeri Koolhoven to get to know you better, in order to optimally adapt his design to your circumstances, taste and wishes. In addition, what type of house do you live in? What is its style? How do you organize it? And also: what are you interested in? What makes you feel comfortable? What wishes do you have?

With great enthusiasm Joeri explains the possibilities. From this interaction an idea arises, a concept, for a bookcase, bay window or kitchen. And that idea can be carried out in various styles, from the 1930s-style in which Joeri Koolhoven has built a solid reputation to a sleek design with details that fit the architecture of your home.

But whatever style it is, the quality is always right. The choice of the right material and the solid construction ensure that.